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This page provides links for useful resources for searching journals and research articles, statistical organizations and related societies, statistical software and computing tools, and data resources.

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I.  Journals & Search Journal Articles


Ø  Journals:                 | Statistics | Probability | Related Journals | Mathematics |

Ø  Search Journals:   |  JSTOR | MathSciNet | Ingenta | CIS | Thomson-Reuters | Wikipedia |


o    A portal for Statistical Sciences Web: [] [Main Journal List]

o    Current Index to Statistics [CIS]


II.  Societies or Organizations


Statistics Societies:

Ø  Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)   [IMS Bulletin]

Ø  American Statistical Association (ASA)    [Amstat News]

-  Nevada Chapter of ASA (NV-ASA)    [NV-ASA]

Ø  International Biometric Society (IBS)    [ENAR] [WNAR]

Ø  International Statistical Institute (ISI)

Ø  Korean International Statistical Society (KISS)


Mathematics Societies:

Ø  American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Ø  Mathematics American Association (MAA)

Ø  Society of Industries and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


III.  Statistical & Mathematical Software


Statistical Analysis Packages & Programmable Languages:

Ø  | R | S-Plus | Minitab | SAS/JMP | SPSS | STATA | BMDP |

Ø  | FORTRAN | | Fortran Tutorial 77 | Tutorial 90 | Fortran Library | Fortran Resources |

Ø  | C programming Tutorial | C++ Tutorial |


Mathematical or computational Packages:

Ø  | Mathematica | MatLab |


LaTex and Editorial Softwares:

Ø  | LaTex | Scientific Word | MikTex | WinEdt | LaTex Beamer | TexnicCenter | Ghost Script |


Supporting Technology for UNLV Students:

Ø  UNLV Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Ø  UNLV System Computing  Services (SCS)


IV.  Data Resources


Government Agencies:  [Federal Government and Statistical Agencies]

The following links provided by the Institute of Education Sciences (of National Center for Education Statistics; NCES) have information that may be of interest to us and many of other users.


United States Census Bureau [CB]

Center for Disease Control & Prevention [CDC]

Bureau of Economic analysis [BEA]

Library of Congress [LOC]

Bureau of Justice Statistics [BJS]

National Science foundation [NSF]

Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS]

Institute of Education Sciences [IES-NCES]


Other Resources & Stat Library:    Carnegie-Mellon StatLib


Links for Fun

Las Vegas & Vicinity Areas


v  Fun in Nevada:       | Las Vegas | Valley of Fire | Hoover Dam | Lake Mead | Lake Las Vegas |

v  California:              | Death Valley| Tecopa Hot Springs | Joshua Tree Park |

v  Arizona & Utah:  | Grand Canyon | Sedona | Zion Canyon | Bryce Canyon | Brian Head |


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